Usage & Licensing

How to license our images

Most photos from Hotfox can be licensed. This means you can buy the right to use them for certain purposes from getting a print or using on a social media network such as Facebook, right up to exclusive use in printed publications.

Because every situation is different, we've got three different usage licenses you can buy. We think they're priced reasonably.

If you're not sure which license you need, please drop us a line. We don't bite and it helps avoid any misunderstandings!

Personal Use: £5.00

For home and personal use only.

Commercial Use: £25.00

Non-exclusive right to publish in one publication, online or in print.

Exclusive Use: £500.00

Exclusive rights to use but not resell. Image will be removed from sale after purchase.

Putting A Photo On Facebook

We understand that sometimes you just want to share a photo on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or any of the other myriad social networking sites out there.

You can do this using the Share button on the photo page.

Please don't just copy the photo from the website and post it to your own profile. You'll get a photo which has watermarks all over it, and it won't link back to the website - meaning if your friends and relations want a full copy, they won't know where to get it from!

Personal Licence

This is the cheapest license. It'll get you a high-resolution copy of the photo which you can print out for your own personal use, for instance if you want a framed copy on your mantelpiece at home.

You'll also get a web-resolution watermarked copy which can be uploaded to social media sites such as Facebook. You may not distribute the high-resolution copy online.

It's not valid for anything involving public display, posters, publicity, leaflets, online news outlets, and such. For that, you need a commercial license.

You may not pass the file on to other people for their use. Please ask them to buy their own copy.

Commercial License

A commercial license covers all non-exclusive commercial use such as on posters, publicity material, news outlets, online media, etc.

Although a license gives unlimited use, it is bound to an individual company. You may not redistribute the image without attribution (see 'Attribution' below).

Exclusive Commercial License

This is the most expensive license, and the photo will be taken off-sale once you have completed your purchase. It gives all the commercial license advantages, plus the photo will not be sold subsequently to someone else.

The photo may have been purchased before on a non-exclusive basis. If you want to know if a photo is exclusive or not, please contact us.

Reportage & Publications

News outlets and other publications who are interested in an ongoing working relationship should contact us regarding photo use.

We're pretty amenable to providing images for news outlets but you must have an agreement in place prior to any photo use.


If you are attributing a photo, it must be done in the following style:

© Jess Rowbottom,

Image Theft & Post-Use Licensing

Use of images without a purchased license, by a person or company other than the purchaser, is treated as image theft. All our downloaded images contain copyright IPTC tags and other digital copyright data, therefore "copyright abandonment" does not apply.

Post-use licensing will be subject to a 20% surcharge. There are no exceptions to this rule.

The rights of Jessica Rowbottom and Hotfox Media Ltd have been asserted in this work.